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After completing my D. Phil in biochemistry at the University of York, I researched rheumatoid arthritis and later the rather nasty parasite that causes schistosomiasis. I began teaching in 1992 and remarkably still have my own hair. I have written over twenty science books for teenagers, including a series of twelve books about the Periodic Table and a series of four books about Energy Resources. I have also contributed to text books for Key Stage 3 science, and GCSE and A Level Chemistry.

Other projects include writing the materials for the BBC Bitesize Key Stage 3 Science and GCSE Science sites; Heinemann's multimedia materials to support AS and A2 Chemistry (Salters and AQA); and the science questions for a GCSE revision game.

I am married (to another chemistry teacher, who works in the lab next door). We have two grown up children, a black minilop rabbit called Mimas and a horse called Dylan.

That's Dylan on the right. He's bigger in real life, so you won't catch me riding him (it's much too far to fall).





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