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AS and A2 Chemistry

What is here?

At Harrogate High School our students study AS and A2 Chemistry using the AQA Chemistry Specifications. The worksheets are written with this in mind but can be used with other specifications.

Interested students and teachers can find past papers and mark schemes on the AQA web site by selecting here.

Select a Module to view its index, or use the search facility to find the worksheet you need:

Chemistry Calculator

A Level Periodic Table
Monochrome (35K)
Colour (39K)


AS Module 1

AS Module 2

AS Module 3

A2 Module 4

A2 Module 5

Practical Work

Atomic Structure, Bonding and Periodicity

Foundation Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Further Physical and Organic Chemistry

Thermodynamics and Further Inorganic Chemistry

Ideas for practicals

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Random biochemistry worksheets.

The worksheets are available as pdf files and, to view them, you will need to install Adobe® Reader if you haven’t done so already.


Permission is granted to reproduce the worksheets for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited. You are free to copy and use any of the worksheets in school or at home, but you may not sell them or pass them off as your own work.

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