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The Chemistry Apparatus Crossword

How do I play?

It is really easy to play, unless you donít know the answers! The grid is not numbered because the clues are linked to the spaces on the grid. Use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to choose a clue to solve. You can do this in two ways:

  •   Select the start of a word on the grid (the yellow box shows where you are). If you press the left mouse button again, the direction will change (the grey boxes show across or down). Or:
  •   Select a clue from the list (the current clue is highlighted in red - look at the grid to see where the answer goes).

Then, just type in your answer.
There are four buttons and a timer at the bottom of the crossword:

  • uncover reveals the current word (yes, itís a cheat!)
  • check will remove the wrong letters from your current word (yes, itís another cheat!)
  • go back undoes your last move (you guessed, itís another cheat!)
  • I give up! is the ultimate cheat (but you wonít the congratulations message if you do this)

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