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Helpful quizzes

Move from question to question at your own pace. You find out if you are correct before moving on to the next question, and you can refer to some notes from the GCSE Specifications to help you.

Balancing Equations: go on, it's good for you! NEW

Rocks and Stuff Helpful Quiz

Revision Drills

Race against the clock to get to the highest level possible - Teacher Level!
Progess from Aargh! through Gettin' Warm to Happy Chemist, then to the "ultimate".

If you want to cheat (and why on Earth would you?), at the end of the Revision Drill, refresh the page (usually F5) instead of clicking on the quiz window - this will give you the same quiz again instead of randomising it. But I know you wouldn't even think of doing this ...

AQA Double Science

Module 5 Drill

Module 6 Drill

AQA Modular Chemistry

Module 21 Drill

What else could I do to practise?

Have a go at the Impossible Mission quizzes - you can't cheat!






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