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What is here?

I have put links to other useful web sites here, divided into sites most useful to teachers, and ones for school students (fun sites and sites to help with your homework). I don't want to lose you, so a new window will open when you select a link.

I have taken every care to ensure that I have not included sites that contain unsuitable or offensive material, but they are not affiliated with Creative Chemistry or controlled by me, and I cannot be held responsible for their content.

Please if you know of any other sites you think I should include.

Teacher links

Internet Anagram Server
Make tricky anagrams for your students to unravel.

Crossword Compiler Software
Buy and download your own copy of the excellent crossword software used to make the Creative Chemistry crossword puzzles. Great for making crosswords for use in school.

Pascal Dietzel's Chemistry Macros
Brilliant shareware that writes symbol equations in Microsoft Word for you. Well worth the registration fee.

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Student links

General chemistry and science

BBC Science pages
Lots of interesting stuff on science, regularly updated.

Chemicool Periodic Table
Info about the elements (more than you need, probably).

Chemistry Clipart
Dr. John Burt's excellent colour clipart. Scale drawings of laboratory apparatus that look real, not like cartoons. Warp 9 bonus - have a look at his Star Trek starship plans, too!

How Stuff Works
Info on how everything works. Just about every device you can think of is here.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Who won one (or more), when, and for what!

Discovery Kids- Tell Me More!
Learn about space, nature, machines and the world we live in.

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General revision advice

Top revision tips from Justin Craig Education
Useful revision and exam preparation advice for students and their families.

Help with GCSE Chemistry

BBC Bitesize GCSE Science Revision
Itís always time for a bit of Chemistry revision! I wrote the words and questions, and did most of the diagrams, so there's no excuse - get yourself there!

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
General help and revision site for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level Chemistry, with notes, multiple choice tests and structured questions.

Revision Centre
Revision for GCSE Chemistry and other subjects.

Revision World
Free revision materials written by a team of teachers for GCSE and A Level. Not just Chemistry - lots of other subjects, too. Registration (free) needed to access the materials.

S-Cool for GCSE Chemistry
Revision notes and short tests for GCSE Chemistry (other subjects are also available).

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Help with A Level Chemistry

Which? University
Free independent source of information and advice to help you find the right UK degree course and university. Features a simple-to-use search tool that lets you filter course results on the things that matter most to you, real-life student insights from nearly 300 UK universities and colleges, plus expert advice on everything from applications to student finance.

Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages
Designed for UK and US high school chemistry students with content suitable for GCSE and A Level chemistry, and Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement courses (US). The site has downloadable notes, worksheets and labs.

Jim Clark's Chemguide
This site is designed to help UK students over some of the more worrying parts of the A Level specifications. It concentrates on the bits that textbooks tend to do too quickly and that students often find difficulty with.



Knockhardy Publishing - Science Notes
Excellent revision notes, PowerPoint shows and multiple choice questions for AS and A2 Chemistry. Very well worth a visit.

Mike Docker's ChemGym
A huge number of revision quizzes for AS and A2 Chemistry, grouped by exam board and topic.

S-Cool for A Level Chemistry
Revision notes and short tests for A Level Chemistry (other subjects are also available).

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