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What is here?

Visitors to the site have contacted me with various technical queries. I’m always happy to send you a reply but, before you contact me, you might like to see if your problem has been tackled before.


Why can't I download any of the worksheets?

Check you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Some of the worksheets are quite large and you might have not allowed enough time for the file to completely download.

Try right-clicking as an alternative method for your downloads (which gives you a progress bar to see how much has downloaded). You will then have to load the pdf file from Acrobat separately.


I’ve downloaded the worksheets but all I can see is weird symbols.

Do you have Adobe Reader installed? If you do, check that the installation is not corrupted. Check to see if the problem occurs with other pdf files (I suggest you look on Creative Chemistry for other pdf files, or Help Files and Manuals for software on your computer which may be pdf files). Try re-installing Acrobat Reader or another pdf reader.


Why can't I see the molecular models?

No plugin is needed but you must allow sufficient time for the required files to download. The second and subsequent loading of the molecules should be faster if you have allowed your browser to cache the files.


I’ve used the Search facility, but I get no results or too many results.

There may, of course, be no resource on the site containing your keyword. However, do check your spelling carefully - you’re unlikely to get a response to a word like chemestery! Avoid looking for a phrase with common words like a, the, to, and so on. Don’t be wildly ambitious. For example, is there a diagram of a fractionating column with the names of each fraction? will yield a lot of unexpected results.


Why don't you charge for the worksheets?

Are you saying you want to pay?! The web site is a hobby, really, but if you find my work useful it would be nice to hear from you (email me using this link).


Will there be a Biology or Physics section?

Maybe, but not yet.