Physical Chemistry – Further

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Worksheets and practical guides to support A Level Further Physical Chemistry, and pages to explain key ideas.



Rate equations

Equilibrium constant Kp for homogeneous systems

Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells

Acids and bases


PDF codeTitle of worksheetDescription
N-ch1-23The buretteInformation
N-ch1-35Volumetric Analysis 1: Making a standard solution of sodium carbonatePractical guide
N-ch1-36Volumetric Analysis 2: Standardising hydrochloric acidPractical guide
N-ch1-37Volumetric Analysis 3: The relative molecular mass of a soluble basePractical guide
N-ch1-45Titration calculations for pleasure and profitQuestion sheet
N-ch1-48Blank results table for titrationsPractical add-on
N-ch1-49Making standard solutionsPractical guide
N-ch2-08Thermometric titrationPractical guide
N-ch4-05pH curves and indicatorsPractical guide
N-ch4-06Thermometric titration involving dataloggersPractical guide
N-ch4-07The action of a buffer solutionPractical guide

These worksheets are the ones found on the old version of this website. They are here to maintain some continuity. New content will replace them over time.

Health and Safety

When considering carrying out a practical activity with a class, you must check your local health and safety rules. Make an appropriate risk assessment and try the activity yourself first.