Inorganic Chemistry – Further

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Worksheets and practical guides to support A Level Further Inorganic Chemistry, and pages that describe and explain key ideas.


Properties of period 3 elements and their oxides

Properties of transition metals

Substitution reactions

Shapes of complex ions

Formation of coloured ions

Variable oxidation states


Reactions of ions in aqueous solutions


PDF codeTitle of worksheetDescription
N-ch1-43Electron configurations of transition metal elementsWorksheet
N-ch5-02Finding the % of Fe2+ in Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2.xH2O and the value of xPractical guide
N-ch5-03Some redox titration problems involving manganate(VII)Questions
N-ch5-07Inorganic compounds in aqueous solution – ColoursInformation
N-ch5-08The preparation of tetraamminecopper(II) sulfate-1-waterPractical guide
N-ch5-10Acidity or hydrolysis reactionsInformation
N-ch5-11Transition metal ions and colourInformation
N-ch5-12Transition metal ions and redoxInformation
N-ch5-16D-block ions as catalystsPractical guide
N-ch5-17What is the percentage of copper in copper coins? [Note: This needs old 1p pieces]Practical guide
N-ch5-21Finding the % of iron in lawnsandPractical guide

These worksheets are the ones found on the old version of this website. They are here to maintain some continuity. New content will replace them over time.

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