Key ideas in GCSE chemistry

What is here?

Worksheets and practical guides to support key ideas in GCSE chemistry, and pages that describe and explain these ideas.


01 States of matter

02 Elements, compounds and mixtures

03 Atomic structure

04 The periodic table

05 Chemical formulae and equations

06 Chemical calculations

07 Ionic bonding

08 Covalent bonding

09 Metallic bonding

10 Electrolysis


PDF codeTitle of worksheetDescription
G-keyideas-01-01Changes of stateWorksheet
G-keyideas-01-02States of matter - summaryInformation
G-keyideas-02-01Hazard symbolsInformation
G-keyideas-02-02Using hazard symbolsWorksheet
G-keyideas-03-01Atoms, subatomic particles, and electronic configurationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-03-02Subatomic particle calculationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-03-03Atomic structure - what do you recall?Revision aid
G-keyideas-03-04Periodic table codesRevision aid
G-keyideas-04-01General properties of metals and non-metalsInformation
G-keyideas-04-02Key features of the periodic tableInformation
G-keyideas-04-03Electronic configurations and the periodic tableWorksheet
G-keyideas-05-01Balancing chemical equationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-05-02Balancing equations card sortWorksheet
G-keyideas-05-03Chemical equations card sortWorksheet
G-keyideas-05-04Balancing equations practiceWorksheet
G-keyideas-06-01Relative formula mass and percentage mass calculationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-06-02Working out empirical formulaeWorksheet
G-keyideas-06-03Finding the formula of magnesium oxidePractical guide
G-keyideas-06-04Reacting mass problems 1Worksheet
G-keyideas-06-05Reacting mass problems 2Worksheet
G-keyideas-06-06Mass, amount and concentration calculationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-06-07Percentage yield calculationsWorksheet
G-keyideas-07-01Formulae of common ionsInformation
G-keyideas-07-02Working out the formulae of ionic compoundsInformation
G-keyideas-07-03Formula of ionic compounds - practiceWorksheet
G-keyideas-07-04Names and formulae of ionic compoundsWorksheet
G-keyideas-07-05Common ions flash cardsRevision aid
G-keyideas-07-06Formulae and names of ionic compoundsWorksheet
G-keyideas-08-01Investigating the properties of ionic and covalent compoundsPractical guide
G-keyideas-08-02Covalent bonding: dot and cross diagramsWorksheet
G-keyideas-08-03Structure, bonding and physical properties of different substancesInformation


By popular demand, these worksheets have model answers where appropriate.

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