Physical Chemistry – Core

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Worksheets and practical guides to support A Level Core Physical Chemistry, and pages that describe and explain key ideas.


Atomic structure

Amount of substance



Chemical equilibria, Le Chatelier’s principle and Kc

Oxidation, reduction and redox equations


PDF codeTitle of worksheetDescription
N-ch1-02Calculating the number of particles in an atomQuestion sheet
N-ch1-04Finding the formula of magnesium oxidePractical guide
N-ch1-05Successive ionisation energies for potassiumWorksheet
N-ch1-06Ionisation energies in group 1 and period 2Worksheet
N-ch1-07Ionisation energies in group 2 and period 3Worksheet
N-ch1-09Evidence for hydrogen bonds - Boiling points of various compoundsWorksheet
N-ch1-10Melting points of elements in period 3Worksheet
N-ch1-12Common ions and formulae of ionic compoundsInformation
N-ch1-13Maths for AS ChemistryInformation
N-ch1-14Working out the shapes of moleculesInformation
N-ch1-15Summary of shapes of moleculesInformation
N-ch1-43Electron configurations of transition metal elementsWorksheet
N-ch2-09Simple calorimetry - enthalpy of combustion of alcoholsPractical guide
N-ch2-11Determining the enthalpy change of a reactionPractical guide
N-ch2-12The effect of concentration changes on equilibriaPractical guide
N-ch2-14A test tube study of redox reactionsPractical guide
N-ch2-15Balancing a redox reactionPractical guide

These worksheets are the ones found on the old version of this website. They are here to maintain some continuity. New content will replace them over time.

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