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Inorganic Chemistry

Notes, worksheets and quizzes to support GCSE Inorganic Chemistry.

Topics covered

Group 1 - the alkali metals
Group 7 - the halogens
Group 0 - the noble gases
Gases in the atmosphere
Reactivity series of metals
Extraction and uses of metals
Acids, alkalis and titrations
Acids, bases and making salts
Chemical tests

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Worksheets to support this subject area

PDF code Title of worksheet Description
N-m05-03 Displacement reactions of metals Practical guide
N-m05-04 Reactivity series questions Question sheet
N-m05-11 Reactivity series of metals: summary of reactions Summary table
N-m05-12 Metals and non-metals Summary table
N-m05-14 Uses of common metals Structured worksheet
N-m05-15 Acids, alkalis and pH Structured worksheet
N-m05-16 Acids, alkalis and indicators Structured worksheet
N-m05-17 Acids, alkalis and salts Structured worksheet
N-m05-18 How to use the burette Practical guide
N-m05-19 Reactions of metals with water, acid and air Practical guide
N-m05-21 The blast furnace Structured worksheet
N-m05-22 The blast furnace Diagram to complete
N-m05-25 Displacement reactions Practical guide
N-m05-28 Blank results table for pH testing experiments Add-on for practical
N-m05-29 A simple thermometric titration Practical guide
N-m05-30 Salts Structured worksheet
N-m06-07 The origins and maintenance of the Earth's atmosphere Structured worksheet
N-m06-09 Air pollution Structured worksheet
N-m08-03 Reactions of group 1 metals with water Structured worksheet
N-m08-06 Physical properties of group 1 elements Structured worksheet
N-m08-14 Physical and chemical trends in the group 7 elements Structured worksheet
N-m21-03 Hard water Structured worksheet
N-m21-04 A solubility curve for potassium nitrate Practical guide
N-m21-07 How soluble are salts and hydroxides in cold water? Information sheet
N-m21-08 Identifying anions Information sheet
N-m21-09 The Chemical Detective Practical Guide
These worksheets are the ones found on the old version of this website. They are here to maintain some continuity with the new website. As the new website is developed, they will gradually be replaced with up-to-date modern materials.

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