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Notes, worksheets and quizzes to support GCSE Physical Chemistry.

Topics covered

Rates of reaction
Reversible reactions and equilibria

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Worksheets to support this subject area

PDF code Title of worksheet Description
N-m06-05 Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate Practical guide
N-m07-03 Making ammonia - the Haber process Structured worksheet
N-m07-15 Rates of reaction: indigestion remedies Structured worksheet
N-m07-18 The reaction between magnesium and hydrochloric acid Practical guide
N-m07-24 Combustion of alcohols Structured worksheet
N-m07-24 Energy changes in reactions (calculations) Structured worksheet
These worksheets are the ones found on the old version of this website. They are here to maintain some continuity with the new website. As the new website is developed, they will be gradually replaced with up-to-date modern materials.

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