GCSE Chemistry

What is here?

You can find:

  • worksheets for classwork, homework and practical activities
  • pages describing and explaining key ideas
  • an interactive periodic table
  • a chemical calculator.

GCSE structure

The specifications for GCSE Chemistry comprise four main areas:

  • Key ideas in chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Organic chemistry 

Some topics in these areas are not found in Double Science specifications.

Key ideas

States of matter 
Elements, compounds and mixtures
Atomic structure
The periodic table
Chemical formulae and equations
Chemical calculations
Ionic bonding
Covalent bonding
Metallic bonding

Inorganic Chemistry

Group 1 - the alkali metals 
Group 7 - the halogens 
Group 0 - the noble gases 
Gases in the atmosphere
Reactivity series of metals
Extraction and uses of metals
Acids, alkalis and titrations
Acids, bases and making salts
Chemical analysis 

Physical Chemistry

Rates of reaction
Reversible reactions and equilibria 

Organic Chemistry

Representing organic compounds
Crude oil
Carboxylic acids