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I have put links to some other useful chemistry and science websites here. They should not have unsuitable or offensive material, but I am not responsible for their content.

GCSE Chemistry notes and revision

Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
General help and revision site for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level Chemistry, with notes, multiple choice tests and structured questions.

Revision World
Revision notes and videos for GCSE Chemistry.

S-Cool for GCSE Chemistry
Revision notes and short tests for GCSE Chemistry. Registration (free) is needed to access advanced resources.

A Level Chemistry notes and revision

This site is designed to help UK students with some of the more worrying parts of the A Level specifications. It concentrates on the bits that textbooks tend to do too quickly and that students often find difficulty with.

Knockhardy Publishing - Science Notes
Revision notes, PowerPoint shows and multiple choice questions for A Level Chemistry.

Revision quizzes for A level Chemistry, grouped by exam board and topic. A licence for these resources costs £4.99 via PayPal.

S-Cool for A Level Chemistry
Revision notes and short tests for A Level Chemistry. Registration (free) is needed to access advanced resources.

General science news and information

Chemicool Periodic Table
Detailed information about each element.

How Stuff Works: Science
Lots of interesting science articles.

The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Who won one (or more), when, and for what!

Sites with useful resources

Which? University
Free independent source of information and advice to help you find the right UK degree course and university. Features a simple-to-use search tool that lets you filter course results on the things that matter most to you, real-life student insights from nearly 300 UK universities and colleges, plus expert advice on everything from applications to student finance.

Internet Anagram Server
Make tricky anagrams for your students to unravel.

Crossword Compiler Software
Buy and download your own copy of the excellent crossword software used to make the Creative Chemistry crossword puzzles. Great for making crosswords for use in school.